Outer Banks
Wedding and Portrait Photography

Outer Banks Wedding Photography

Your life. Your love. Your legacy.

You will remember your wedding day for the rest of your lives. There are few occasions more important than the day you commit the rest of your life to the partner you have chosen to spend it with. This doesn’t mean that everything needs to be perfect; it means that no matter what happens, no matter how perfect the weather or the details, that you will move forward together. You will build lives, careers, families, and see each other through every up and down along the way. We believe that every detail on such an important day will be worth preserving for you, your children, and all those impacted by your commitment.

Outer Banks Family Beach Portraits

Because every moment matters.

Family is at the root of everything we do here. Alison and I have so many fond memories of multi-generational family trips to the beach. We know the importance of this fleeting quality time you have with each other, and we believe in the importance of creating and capturing these memories for everyone to cherish. We will capture beautiful posed portraits of your family, and also fun intimate natural photographs that showcases your unique personalities and relationships with each other. Because family isn’t just what we photograph, it is what we celebrate and believe in.


Jonathan & Alison

Husband and Wife Team

We are

high school sweethearts who have been together for 19 years of our lives and have loved every minute of it! Originally from a small mill town called Covington Virginia, we came to the Outer Banks for kiteboarding and fell in love with the wild untamed beauty of this place. Now it is our privilege to photograph your family, your love, and your stories set against this gorgeous backdrop.

Moments that Matter